Nine precious ingredients to save in your freezer

Have you ever bought a fresh ginger root, used half an inch, and ended up throwing out the rest? Or bought a lemon only for the zest? Do you find that the bunch of parsley you buy in the store is way more than you could use before it wilts? Items like these I call …

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Lemon Thyme

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm (Melissa officianalis) is an old world plant that has become naturalized around the world due to its medicinal reputation. I don’t know of any culinary use except as a tisane. So when I saw this plant at the local nursery in the spring, I thought why not see how it will thrive in …

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The best herbs to grown in containers

When it comes to herbs for growing indoors, we are rich in choice. Almost every plant nursery or greenhouse has a selection of starter plants intended for the garden but are just as suitable for indoors. The catalogues and websites of seed companies will give you even more ideas. Alas, indoor growing space is limited. …

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